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They are flirting when Elena asks him how Katherine broke his heart. We found out Elena hadn't told Stefan about dirty dancing with Damon after she got high on blood at the Murder House Party. Damon then feeds Katherine's blood to Silas while Elena watches and they think that she is dead.

Stefan has his humanity switch off damon still dating older women. However Elena is still unsure what to think of their relationship. She had great female dating in london. Why did dobrev dating in the vampire diaries stars have shared a serious emotional roller coaster on a relationship again!

  • Damon thought Jeremy would help him convince her, but Jeremy said it was her choice.
  • But, Damon says that he's never seen her more alive.
  • Elena, while horrified that Damon left Enzo, forgave him since he left to save himself.
  • Elena's hallucinations start going worse and makes her believe she killed Aaron.
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Elena took out plastic mistletoe and wanted a kiss, but Damon wouldn't do it. Damon hugs her affectionately and tries to calm her down. So, when Nina was seen sporting Ians cute newsboy cap just two days after hed had it on, it seemed like it could be more than just a friendly gesture. Knowing that the Other Side is disintegrating and there is no other way for Damon to return, Elena breaks down completely.

Damon gives her Stefan's blood to drink. She says she loves him and accepts him and because she chose him. Elena asks why they don't just hunt down Wes for the antidote and Damon confesses he killed him. Enzo is not able to deal with the fact that his best friend killed the love of his life and switches off his humanity. After Jeremy dies, Damon uses the sire bond to get Elena to turn her emotions off, knowing that the pain would be too much for her.

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Does Damon have feelings for bonnie on The Vampire Diaries? She asks Damon how he found them and why he was here. Simple and gentle, they clearly felt the kiss, but she was very confused about the intense push to leave him still.

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Damon immediately found out that Elena knew they were both vampires, because she tried to stop him from coming into the house. Damon flipped his humanity switch so he would stop caring about Enzo, and left him to die in the ensuing fire. Damon was taken back to Salvatore Mansion and drained of most of his blood to weaken him. Later that night she calls Damon and they talk about Jeremy.

She is having a study date with Bonnie and Stefan when Enzo interrupts them and claims that Stefan is responsible for killing the love of his life Maggie. They hang up and Damon looks up at the sky, amazed that he is finally feeling reciprocated love for the first time in his life. He suggests that they go through with their original plan to let Bonnie kill him, channeling the power of the witches, kensi are but Elena objects because a spell that powerful would claim Bonnie's life.

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It doesn't matter if I have memories or not. He wanted to show her all she's missing out on. Klaus tries to stop him however Damon is able to scare Klaus off by mentioning he knows that Mikael is looking for him.

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Unable to go on with the memory of Damon, Elena has Alaric erase every good memory she has of him and doesn't remember loving him until she finally learns the truth from Stefan. We loved each other, but she was also the only person I've ever met who actually believed that my brother was worth loving, and she reminded me that I used to believe that about him, too. Her faith in him, it brought Damon and me back together, and yeah, I loved her, more than I thought I could love somebody else, but I think in the end I needed him more than I needed her. Elena and Damon then come together, both with bloody mouths, and dance together seductively, on a blood high. Who are the protagonist and the antagonist in Vampire Diaries?

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Elena realized she made a mistake and tries to tell him that she didn't mean it. Damon and the real Alaric, load stone Silas into the trunk of a car, they plan to drop him into the ocean. Damon is desperate to find Elena at the bonfire to tell her that Stefan is really Silas, and she's busy drinking, dating trying to drown her sorrows over her Damon and Jeremy problem.

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The cast of The Vampire Diaries in real life
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If they weren't going to hurt her, they had to bring in someone who would. He wasn't the guy who was stalking her however, after she left alone, she received a phone call from actual stalker. She later tells him that her love for him is the most real thing she's ever felt.

She angrily refused, determined to protect her loved ones from Klaus, and attempted to punch him. She tries to be friends with him but he refuses and they try to avoid one another which turns out to be impossible. Being with you wasn't one of them, and, yes, I had Alaric compel away my love for you, and, yes, speed dating bremerton wa I did love Stefan once.

However Elena says she can't think about always, all she can think about is right now. He became highly known after landing the role of Boone in popular sci-fi show, Lost, but his role of bad boy Damon in The Vampire Diaries truly made him a heartthrob. Elena and Damon seemed to bond more and more, and Elena was shocked when her mother, Isobel Flemming told her that Damon was in love with her. Later, as they are driving home, Jeremy is sitting in the back sensing tension in the atmosphere.

They both decide to make new memories and start their relationship anew. He told Damon the way to survive was to picture his revenge and that will get him through the day. He then realized that it wasn't Elena he kissed, but Katherine. The latter wins out and she then turns around and strides over to Damon and kisses him. He takes her to the Whitmore House and Wes appears out of nowhere and vervains Elena in front of Aaron.

  1. It is then revealed that Katherine injected Elena's body with the enhanced Ripper Compound that Wes had made making Elena a vampire ripper just like Damon.
  2. Back at Salvatore Mansion.
  3. Later that day Damon calls Elena from a bar out of town and confesses to her that he let Stefan out of his prison.

Damon is also worried but tells her that he has a secret back up plan. She starts putting on her clothes while Damon greets her. After Elena is cursed and as a result falls into a coma, Bonnie manages to break the curse and wake her up.

Before Damon could explain it wasn't Stefan, Silas told Elena to turn off her phone and she did. Damon gets worried and manages to free himself from the cell while Elena threatens Liv to drop the seal and then goes out of the campus. Damon then offers his hand to Elena then they share a dance.

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