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Bates and anna dating in real life, downton abbey stars on-screen vs. off-screen

Biography Edit Background Edit Anna grew up with her mother and sister. Bates is annoyed that he'd come with that pointless news. Bates offered to pay her off to divorce him.

Bates, or discussions they overheard. Anna's stepfather sexually abused her, but her mother refused to believe it as the family would not survive without him. Background Edit Anna grew up with her mother and sister.

  • Bates is very happy with the news.
  • Mrs Hughes tells Lady Mary about the ticket, and insists they say nothing for both John's and Anna's sake.
  • Later, Henry brings up champagne for everyone in the room, and we see Anna cradling her newborn baby, and Bates happily proclaiming that she has a son.
  • Mr Green follows her and offers her something stronger, which she refuses.
  • Later, when Bates and Anna celebrate Mrs.

When he returns to Downton as Lord Grantham's valet again by request, she was delighted. Mary is in the room and as she gives Anna a hat to adjust, Anna's water suddenly breaks. The prosecution calls Mrs. He asks what she wants and she says that he gives it away by not denying it.

Anna, the lawyers, Robert and the rest of the Crawley family are still planning to appeal the verdict and to get Bates out of prison. Bates mentions that he's going to go talk to some estate agents and start planning again. Slowly, their relationship begins to mend. Mary quickly says that she'll lend her one of her dressing gowns, and that Anna can use Mary's bed.

She immediately accepts, and they begin to discuss their future. John then becomes suspicious of Edna. She calls herself racy when her husband says so, then asks her what she is up to. John and Anna later go to the seaside with the other servants. Tom offers to drive them to York.

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She bursts into tears and finally reveals that she thought she was pregnant, but has had a miscarriage, and it has happened twice before. She assures Bates that he can pay, but tells Tom Branson that she won't send him the bill. Mary says that she'll call the doctor, Dr. Anna says they think she's lucky, unusual dating london but nothing else. She later helps Rose disguise herself in order to say a proper goodbye to Sam when he comes round to see if she is alright.

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Downton Abbey Stars On-Screen Vs. Off-Screen - PAPER

Later, Sergeant Willis comes again, and says that it's been settled, the confession is real! Mrs Hughes quickly realises what has happened because of Anna's torn dress and cuts and bruises. Anna insists that it won't work, but after Mary explains that she's earned it and really wants to help, Anna agrees.

Downton Abbey Stars On-Screen Vs. Off-Screen

She then tells Mr Bates she would prefer to walk home alone, ignoring him as he tries to stop her. When Anna had tidied up, cod ghosts Mr Bates catches her sneaking out. Everyone comes downstairs and celebrates.

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She mentions being frightened every time her husband and Green are in the same room. The couple had been struggling to conceive after she suffered a series of tragic miscarriages. They leave Cora's room embarrassed. Anna lies, telling him she has taken a pill and fainted, hitting her head in the process.

Bates is super super suspicious and even asks if Anna's hiding something, but she says he's being paranoid. Then Mr Bates, in an attempt to get his wife bailed out, confesses to the murder of Mr Green and decamps to Ireland leaving letters for both Mr Carson and Lord Grantham. Despite all the devastation and uncanny bad fortune Anna and her beloved Mr Bates have suffered, she continues to be a thoughtful, compassionate, positive and resilient woman. Mary asks what Anna thinks of Mr.

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Shortly after, Vera is found dead and Mr. Bertie Pelham, Anna looks rather uncomfortable, and complains that she's hot. Anna starts to doubt her previous feelings that Henry was not right for Mary, after Mary has broken up with him.

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Bates seems confused, but Henry quickly and excitedly explains the situation, and Bates rushes upstairs. She visits him and he tells her that that he can now prove that Vera Bates has not been faithful to him. Towards the end of the episode, as the Granthams prepared to ring in the New Year, Anna was seen cradling her son with husband Mr Bates looking blissfully happy. Her mother had the matter kept quiet, after which Anna got a job further away from home. They ring in the new year together.

Anna then is confronted by John, who reaffirms that he loves her more than ever now, and that she is not soiled in his eyes, but holier. Bates is a suspect because of his motives. He assures her he would not. Carson's coming back from their honeymoon, Bates confronts Anna, saying that he thinks he knows what's going on.

Later, Anna is talking to Andy when she suddenly looks like she's in pain. Anna mentions to Bates that she's feeling some more slight pains, and Bates pressures her to tell Mary, because he thinks she should see Dr. Mrs Hughes tells Anna there was nothing of importance in John's old coat when she asks. She asks what she'll tell Bates because she doesn't want him to worry or be too hopeful, so Mary tells her to tell him it's her Mary who's ill.

  1. Mary and Bates are amazed at Anna's dancing, and agree that she is marvelous.
  2. Mary gets suspicious as Anna has to pause in the middle of her sentence and say something more.
  3. Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong and Anna urges Rose away.
  4. He says he will divorce Vera and come back to Downton very soon, offering Vera more money than the papers will give her through the inheritance he received after his mother's death.
  5. When they get back, everyone says that Anna should sit down, but she goes upstairs to put the hairdryer away.


Anna says she should just talk to Dr. They move into a small cottage together, and start painting it. Ryder, and they'll go to London right that second. He admits he is married but does not love his wife. Personality Edit Anna is the epitome of a good servant.

The jury finds him guilty and sentences him to be hanged, though later on his sentence is commuted to life imprisonment. He then suddenly tells her he thinks she wants more excitement in her life and tells her he refuses to believe that she could be happy with a cripple like Mr Bates. After Thomas attempts suicide, Anna is one of the group that saves his life. They go to the doctor, and he says that basically she has a weak neck of the womb and the baby gets too heavy at about three or four months, number so she loses it. Mrs Hughes later finds Anna crying in her room while hiding behind the shelf.

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When Edna Braithwaite returns to Downton as a lady's maid, Anna is framed by her and Thomas for ruining a piece of clothing belonging to Cora. However, Vera is infuriated that he has returned to Anna and tells them that she plans to sell the story anyway. While Anna is in London for Mrs. Sergeant Willis says that the woman apologized for waiting so long to confess, and though Bates seems upset, how long Anna interrupts him and says to tell her that she forgives her.

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