Unbalanced teams World Of Tanks Rigged For Money

Matchmaking wot rigged, rigged match making

Trebron ZnieH Yeah, sometimes you've noticed that you ding on a tank that you should be able to pen everywhere. Self reflection is something that many players sorely lack. But they say that there are no free lunches and oh boy, do you have to pay for playing this game. Buddy of mine was fighting a hellcat with the T with the equipped, and he was bouncing off hellcat frontal hull armor.

You probably are not really aware of this happening as the game is new to you, but your winrate is plummeting and sooner or later you will notice it. It's pretty hard to rig it against everybody, isn't it? You can fight with a Noob, he will win because his shots hit, yours not. What is War Gouging doing now?

Why all that rigging, you may ask? When you unlock a new tank there is a hookup period, just like when you first start to play this game. Literally anything they can get away with patenting. They only play those precious win rate vehicles when they are super platooned with their fellow unicums, to keep those win rates from going down.

Over matches in that tank. And it only applies to random matches anyway. That's how pathetically power hungry these assholes are even to the point of manipulating an internet tank game.

Censorship at it's finest. Newer Post Older Post Home. And they would quickly quit the game. It may be that some special groups of players see Protected players are winning more than others but that has no bearing to the question at hand. Wargaming learned from that.

After that you most likely have elited the tank and you will now move on to the next one so the cycle can repeat itself. They are probably urbanites or descendants of those who didn't tame the frontier. Sadly, windhoek Wargaming had rather fuck everybody over than just make it a fair game for all and rake in the cash. They are on the receiving end of the rigging. Complain and you will see your win rates fall even further.

Would the game be more enjoyable for you? This is not random, it happens with great predictability. If you have success winning, it will make you lose and vice versa. The rigging in World Of Tanks is really very obvious.

Unbalanced teams World Of Tanks Rigged For Money

Matchmaking wot rigged

WOT is rigged for money

No way to play that anymore. Wargaming smooths wins across the player base, to make more money. Some people do not need to be roasted to be completely wrecked by their sheer existence.

World Of Tanks Rigged For Money

Like I wrote before, statement, that the game is rigged against most of the players most of the time is nonsense. For example there is a patent described a mechanism to put freshly acquirted vehicles to battles where you are top tank but it's not actually used at the moment. And what do you think about gold ammo one of the main reasons you left the game? One thing nobody ever talks about in the context of rigging is the Reporting System.

However, caravan mains hook up kit my winrate has not reflected the losses. It's only circumstantial evidence. Sounds like the same exact shit that happens in WoT.

  1. It is, in the end, a game of Keno.
  2. You also notice random players chatting like they knew each other?
  3. They are craven and cowardly and their blood turns to milk every time they see a strong foe, so they lie to everyone and justify their cowardice by saying that a win is impossible.
  4. That patent was filled in together with introduction of team battles.
  5. It comes from Wargaming themselves.
  • Lets see just how brave you are at backing up your trolling.
  • Though this is still not proof that it is rigged, the evidence is compelling!
  • And it just keeps on dinging time and time again.

Similarly, if the battle level is already at the lower end of the range and the player loses the battle, the battle level may remain constant. Its all a sham, I regret having started playing at all. To narrow the Gaussian curve by this algorithm.

Matchmaking is rigged This game is unfair

This rigged matchmaking also happens in World of Warships as well. Whole patent has many different tools that may be used in matchmaking, what does not mean that all of them are in use now. Blatantly rigged game and World of Warships is even worse.

Unbalanced teams

And just sitting here sharing my experiences. More on them on another day. On a side note the penetration random distribution is not linear. Wargaming, dating website for a company that never ceases to disgust people. Sometimes bouncing on a flat surface even.

They are mafia-types from one of the most corrupt countries in the world and they feel no shame as they blatantly lie to their players. If the battle level is already at the upper end of the range and the player wins the battle, the battle level may remain constant. There is a large suicide cult which likes to lose games on that platform, and a big tinfoil community which actually believes in things even loonier than rigging. Bounced so many shots with T American that I had to sell it.

It s a good game at the beginning but will soon get sour

So good players are sacrificed so that bad players can win. Rest of us are just a bunch of lazy communist, who want to keep the game equal, by banning good players from the game, or tying one hand behind their backs etc. That part you quote would mean only that with winning a lot, you will be often placed in a battles that you are on the bottom. Your view on the game may differ. Because, if were to install back, guess what would happen?

Its all political and social skills. The winrate itself is interesting side issue in the World Of Tanks. Read on and I will explain it all. So while it is interesting wagrgaming considers such option, this patent is not proof of anything. And i find your arguments very strong.

They are weak and even though they may lie through their teeth and claim to be American, dating sites we all know that it isn't truly so. Hate will always be prevalent. The game will frustrate you to spend money. This is why a lot of players defected to War Thunder.

Rigged Match Making

They typically change their formulas from time to time in an effort to keep themselves elevated above others statistically. One could argue, that the lower winrate while grinding is caused by unfamiliarity with a new tank and the fact that stock tanks are inferior to the fully upgraded ones. And lose interest when they continually lose, so only hardcore players stay in the game. Now, no run-of-the-mill, ordinary customer knows about this.

Why should one leave because of this? You notice when you are in losing team your team mates just even intentionally miss opponents or shoot anywhere but at the opponents, pretending to be noobs. Just observe these hi win rate players in game and you will see they don't do anything special really and you wonder how did they get their hi win rate. Alternatively, you can try some other tank games for having fun, like Armored Warfare. Saying nothing means one thing.

Winrate rollercoaster Periods of winning will change with deep, totally predictable losing periods. Now I know that I assessed my skills very wrongly. You pay in a lots of subtle ways and sooner or later with not so subtle ways when you bring your moneybag out. Defended good players dominating over everyone. Dunning-Kruger all the way.

Z s world of warfare blog WoT s matchmaker is rigged - the proof

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