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***POSTING TO FORUM*** - Haides - 03-23-2015

Hey all!

As many of the brown coats are using a gaming forum for the first time, we have provided here a short guide on how to get signed up and rolling in just a few minutes!


Before posting on Firefly Online Forum we'll need an account, currently there are two options to sign up - via Facebook (require you to be logged in to FB) or Sign up manually as below


Facebook sign up is really easy, takes literally 5 seconds. However at this point it does not let you change your username (so please request a name change in this thread if need). 

Once logged in, please navigate to the thread you would like to respond to and click 'New Reply', or alternatively if you'd like to create a new thread please click 'Post Thread' as shown here


Ensure you have a subject for the thread


Then fill up the message and you can post by the below button


Now that's all done unless you'd like to insert some pictures - which is a little fiddly (and we apologize), please click on the attachment button 


Choose the file and hit upload, it will then show up as an attached file


At this point you can insert this picture into your post by clicking


It will show up among your text like this


Once you finish posting, magic happens and it will display your picture ;]


I hope this has been of help, please feel free to post replies if any questions.


RE: ***POSTING TO FORUM*** - Hannah Siberia - 03-24-2015

THANK YOU <3 <3 <3 this is an excellent starter guide and so appreciated by us thawed-out ol fogeys (long story...)