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New Group? - leopard7200 - 10-06-2015

I understand that yall have a standing game on Thursdays, but i was wondering if anyone would like to start a game on say... Tuesdays (that's not hard set, just seems to be my MOST likely day)? I have a prior commitment on pretty much every Thursday, but would love to play.


RE: New Group? - Jubal Harshaw - 11-21-2015

I am just getting started on the core book, and haven't played RPG's in almost 2 decades, but I am wanting to find a group.

RE: New Group? - leopard7200 - 11-23-2015

Awesome, that's two. It's been a while since i've played as well... I do have both the Firefly RPG and the Serenity RPG books. Both full sets. I would like to find someone that's GMed one of those games, but i'm up for doing the GM role if i need to. Hopefully, we can find another player or two, and then we'll see about getting something set up day wise.

RE: New Group? - TruthAM - 12-08-2015

So, if anyone who wants to be a part of the new group would like to join us this Thursday to discuss plans, that would be a good idea. We might be able to figure something out but getting together on the teamspeak would make planning it much easier.

RE: New Group? - leopard7200 - 12-09-2015

Fair enough. Problem being... my Thursday evenings are pretty shot with other obligations. I agree that it would be easier to discuss on teamspeak, I might be able to sign on on a Thrusday in... 2 weeks I think. around Christmas eve or new years eve unfortunately.

RE: New Group? - TruthAM - 12-11-2015

So I missed the end of the conversation but the conversation we were having last night indicated we might move to Friday. Is Friday a better day for anyone?

RE: New Group? - leopard7200 - 12-14-2015

I should be able to make Friday work, in general.