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Sean Kennedy Q&A !!! - Captain Fallon - 11-14-2015

We are conducting a live Teamspeak Q & A with Sean Kennedy on Saturday, November 21, at 1p.m. EST.  which is  10 a.m. PST
 If you are not familiar with Sean, he is what we like to call the FFO Shipwright.
If you have any questions  you can ask them here  and we will be sure to ask him during the live event. 

RE: Sean Kennedy Q&A !!! - SkipperTomq2 - 11-16-2015

I'm sorry did I miss something, Who's Tim Earls then?

RE: Sean Kennedy Q&A !!! - Captain Fallon - 11-21-2015

WOOOT! Q&A is today !!!

RE: Sean Kennedy Q&A !!! - Psy Phon - 11-21-2015

I've been spending a lot of time checking out Sean's web page. I was very amused by his nick name, " paint god" which he got for being a wizard with MS paint.
Have a look at some of his MS Paint drawings.
Even today when i use MS Paint, my pictures look like something a 6 year old would draw with crayons. Smile

RE: Sean Kennedy Q&A !!! - Jake Reginald Chance III - 11-22-2015

Did ... I.. damnit!!! missed it didn't I

RE: Sean Kennedy Q&A !!! - leopard7200 - 11-23-2015

Blast... right there with you Jake. Slipped my mind. Seems I'm far to busy for my own good these days.