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multiple accounts - CaptainTomq - 01-03-2016

Anyone know how that's going to work with all the changes?

I'm using my old computer for my newest BDH, will I have issue's if I use one computer for both accounts?

CaptainTom here had 1.8 mil BP's, lost it when hard drive crashed and still no Fix now they added a new button,
How in the world is one button going to change a flipping thing. They've had since Oct 5 to find a file with my info
it either exist or it doesn't. Someone here got their 3 mil back in a few weeks so whats the difference.

RE: multiple accounts - Mickey Mirage - 01-04-2016

well hopefully they're too busy working on the game than to cater to everyone that's had account troubles. I'd say just remember your accounts and passwords and when you lost stuff. I thought this button you're talking about was something to do with merging multiple accounts or something. I'm probably wrong. I know I'm not much if any help but there's precious little activity on these forums lately. You and I seem to be two of the few that visits much.

RE: multiple accounts - CaptainTomq - 01-04-2016

I don't see this new button, but I just sent in new mail from the same button as before. Yes I know they've been busy working on the game, They've been busy on the game for the last 6 months. I'm sure they've been busy on the game for the past 3 years. I understand that and now they are focusing some attention on the Cortex how much attention it will get only time will tell. As far as merging accounts, ouch, they can't run what they have why add another problem.

RE: multiple accounts - Mickey Mirage - 01-04-2016

Well I would say they solved the problem of nothing more than merchandise to continue Firefly but they haven't released the game yet. Point is things take time especially under the circumstances.

RE: multiple accounts - CaptainTomq - 01-04-2016

Not knowing what those circumstances getting many Browncoats all stirred up. Would be nice to get some sort of news From them without having to attend a comic con or some hometown bar.

RE: multiple accounts - Mickey Mirage - 01-05-2016

you're not alone but the name of the game until official news of the real game is the same as it's always been: hurry up and wait. I know that's cold but it's the truth.

RE: multiple accounts - Psy Phon - 01-06-2016

the new build is to solve sync issues between platforms. ( As yet i have not seen the sync button )

RE: multiple accounts - CaptainTomq - 01-06-2016

There's a hold on the sync button, There's a hold on the FB page, There's a hold on the keepflying page! I hope Mech stops by here and shine's a light on some concerns!! Just would like to say the beta doesn't have to be in the whole Central system, If we start on Persephone just keep the beta in the Lux system then the others can be unlocked as the game progresses. Beta can be what ever they want it to be it's their game, a 30 day trail, limited scrap, the skies the limit. Don't shut us out just cause one door was closed, we all our browncoats and we're stand behind you.

RE: multiple accounts - Mickey Mirage - 01-07-2016

this is probably why they are disinclined to update us. besides, the FFO dev team have updated us about FFO far more than most game companies update their prospective customers during development. in the olden days ya had to hack into their computers to see how they're progressing.

RE: multiple accounts - Soliloquy - 01-07-2016

(01-04-2016, 04:53 AM)CaptainTomq Wrote: I don't see this new button, but I just sent in new mail from the same button as before.

From what I've heard, the automated system that manages mail prioritizes old messages over new, so if you keep sending in reports, your issues get bumped to the back of the line. It's possible that's why you haven't heard anything. You could always try a private message to Mech; just because the FB page isn't being updated right now doesn't mean there's no one there to answer concerns. Might be better than accidentally getting your stuff overlooked because you keep sending it to the end of the queue. ^^

(01-04-2016, 04:53 AM)CaptainTomq Wrote: As far as merging accounts, ouch, they can't run what they have why add another problem.

As for the merging of accounts, I think that somewhere it was mentioned that there were no current plans for that to happen. I think the devs were open to the idea of allowing alts at some point, but honestly, this is a studio with less than a dozen people. The task they're undertaking is enormous, even for a fully-staffed developer.

The fact that they've gotten this far is incredible, and the things we want, while all valid wants and concerns, need to come after the base game has been established. They're busting ass to make that part happen. They've done well enough thus far that a lot of us forget just how much they have on their plates, and how small a team they really have. It's been a rough ride, especially lately. But we're still in the air, and only love is gonna keep us there. So bring up issues, definitely. Go to the point of direct contact and see if that changes anything. But more folk need to to so without the pitchforks. Smile