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Dai O'Dell - "Don't Fear the Shadows -- Little Things" - Daijha - 05-12-2016

I have the 5 chapters of "Little Things" posted, finally.  Enjoy the read.

I've purposely chosen to skip the back story for now since my Captain's history is more like an onion.  Layers to peal, and all that.  I chose to basically start in the middle because I think that's where the game starts and I wanted her to start, and learn with the game.

She's not a Big Damn Hero yet... she's broken and on a learning path.

Technical things:  

Had to fight to get a good conversion from Word into the Wiki.  Think I've figured out best path.  For now, notes are in this thread.  (The template has evolved... maybe start at the bottom first if you just want to jump into the hows.)

For the Dictionary...

We have a cool dictionary for the Chinese right here:

I couldn't find everything I needed so I just used Googles Translate for a few simple words.  Don't know if that was the right tool to use.  I keep getting different answer different places I checked so I didn't add thinks like "old man" and "old woman" to the dictionary until someone can check they're OK, or point me somewhere else.

Please let me know about typos.... thanks.

RE: Dai O'Dell - "Don't Fear the Shadows -- Little Things" - Blackrock - 05-12-2016

I am reading it now, and I believe there is one thing worth mentioning:

First chapter, you keep saying the planet Kelly, when I believe you mean "KERRY"

I'm happy to fix it, but I figure you could do that yourself.

Also, first sentence of the last paragraph says "Those that had ships hug out here to earn money for repairs."
I am guessing that you meant "hung" not hug.

RE: Dai O'Dell - "Don't Fear the Shadows -- Little Things" - Daijha - 05-12-2016

Am fixing it now... 7 places to twerk.  AGGGG.   Gota love search and replace.  Thanks for just noting them, I can fix both documents at the same time this way.

I've got nasty dyslexia, but it also doesn't recognize words sometime, my brain reads over something too fast to see the letters.  If it assumes it's right.  It is.  I've got someone who normally proofs but her real life is even crazier than mine... plus surgeries.

Long ago, in a galaxy far away (or seems like that)... actually just a summer in later high school I spent that whole time just trying to clean type a short story w/ carbon paper.  The goal back then w/ no word processor or copier for regular folks was to see if I could type a clean dozen pages.  I got good at all those skills -- erase both copies, re-insert into typewriter... but it also took all summer.  Made the decision that summer that wanting didn't matter, I couldn't make a living as a writer, or go into newspaper reporting like my grandfather.  I LOVE WORD PROCESSORS.  (Now returning you to the modern world.)

Appreciate the correction notes so much.

RE: Dai O'Dell - "Don't Fear the Shadows -- Little Things" - H2O - 05-15-2016

A great read! Really enjoyed it! Felt like I was right there amongst the action.

That song had me laughing, I could imagine the chaos on the dance floor Big Grin

RE: Dai O'Dell - "Don't Fear the Shadows -- Little Things" - Daijha - 05-15-2016


I remember in Heinlein's "Moon is a Harsh Mistress" the rebels used old tunes to help the rebellion, but I figured that the Alliance here would used phi opps in their music. So, I needed to figure how to tweak it back on them. Add in listening to the Clancy Brother's "Johnny McEldoo" (which is a sped up eating/drinking song)... I decided on max chaos, story advancement, and making fun the the war machine could all be combined.

The story needed to move out of Dai's head... so dancing w/ pile-ups served multiple purposes to paint her story, the bar, and the attitudes of the regular folks as well as adding action. Glad to add laughter too.

RE: Dai O'Dell - "Don't Fear the Shadows -- Little Things" - Soliloquy - 05-15-2016

This post is a reminder for me to come back and read this when my sick brain will let me focus for more than two minutes. XD